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Patient Opinions About Electronic Messaging

Assessing Patient Opinions About Electro

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STD Clinic Management Solutions

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Assessing electronic messaging for gonorrhea and chlamydia

result notification and partner services, Durham, North Carolina

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CDC Poster - Seeing Results: Using Chexout Electronic Messaging to Facilitate Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Result, Treatment* and Partner Notification

* 3 days average time to treatment using Chexout

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The CDC is conducting a study to learn how the use of electronic messaging could influence how patients view receiving their test results electronically, how that might effect number of days from testing to treatment and what kind of innovative functions could be added to the software to improve outcomes. These results are from very early in the study.


Here are a few sample responses from the patients who Opted In to receive results electronically and agreed to answer follow up questions:

                                                                                                                                          Positives      Negatives

How satisfied are you with receiving GC/CT results electronically?

(Satisfied to Very Satisfied)                                                                                              100%               84%

Did you set up your Account/Patient Portal?                                                         100%               84%

How easy was it to set up your Account/Patient Portal? 

(Easy to Very Easy)                                                                                                             100%              84%

How hard was it to View your results in the Portal? 

(Neutral to Very Easy)                                                                                                        100%              83%

How worried were you that someone would see your notification

from the Health Department?                                                                                       

(Not Worried At All)                                                                                                   72%              89%

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