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Features Overview

Chexout provides so many functions critical to Public Health, that we felt an extended description of how Chexout helps with your unique needs would be useful in your assessing our products and understanding how we can fit into your technology ecosystem. We think you'll have a better appreciation of how versatile Chexout products are and how they would fit into the overall strategy for your health department.

Patient Notification

The primary function of Chexout RN is to automate notification to patients when their STD test results are available. This is where the beginning of improving efficiencies in your health department begins.

It is important to note that not all clinics/health departments are able to fully automate and not all public health labs can deliver electronic lab results, but Chexout RN is so flexible that it allows for manual or hybrid automated uses to accommodate almost any type of situation. So even if you are not ready to fully automate, we have a solution for you.

When fully automated, Chexout electronically receives your lab orders and holds them until all test results are back from the lab and matched to the orders. If a patient has all negative results, Chexout sends one notification to the patient that their test results are ready to view in their private patient portal - dramatically reducing calls to your clinic. If the patient tests positive, the patient is notified immediately (during hours the clinic is open and staff is available to take a call) to contact the clinic. Chexout's call center manages calls from patients needing password resets or technical support.

Overall, we see a 92% contact success rate for patients testing positive after their first notification. Some individual counties are reporting 100% success rates. For the patients who do not respond immediately, the software can be set to automatically send follow up messages. Health departments that track time from patient contact to treatment report an average time to treatment of approximately 2.5 days.

Using Chexout RN for automated patient notification is not only smart and efficient, but it is communicating with patients the way they prefer to communicate. 

One more thing. Chexout RN makes your clinic more efficient for administrative staff and indispensable for DIS and Epidemiologists. 

Digitize Your Health Department Clinics


If you don’t require expensive EHR software, but do need to collect specific data and digitize your clinic's operations, Chexout DCM may be your solution. Chexout DCM (Digital Clinic Manager) helps streamline your department’s operations and like our other software solutions designed exclusively for STD Clinics, it’s uniquely affordable.


Chexout DCM provides you with clinical workflow tools, administrative functions, patient communications and management and reporting tools. From patient intake and visit records to lab ordering and result management, DCM has all the tools you need to make your clinics efficient.


DCM is highly customizable, quick to install and adaptable to your environment. If you do mobile testing events, school based testing or Pride festivals, Chexout DCM can become your mobile clinic too.  

Patient Engagement

Keeping patients engaged in their care is critical to them taking ownership of their health.

STD Clinics that invest in patient engagement can expect returns in the form of better outcomes and lower costs. The rewards are real: more informed and involved patients, effective delivery of care and reduced burden on office staff.

Ultimately, patient portals can contribute to:

  • Reduced call volume

  • Improved responsiveness to patients’ needs

  • Lower utilization of health services

  • Targeted patient information and follow up

  • More effective care

  • Cost savings

Chexout is not meant to replace the patient portal on your EHR, it is primarily meant to provide and enhance specialized STD Clinic information through fast delivery of test results and after care information. For health departments without an EHR, more functionality can be easily added to the portal to make it more effective for your particular needs.

Chexout enables health departments to quickly sign up patients in a few simple steps, or we can use just a few metrics to match up the patient from your EHR system. This automated verification system means an efficient, successful enrollment process without duplicate rekeying of information.

By communicating to patients that they will automatically get a patient portal, patients usually have no objections. Chexout makes the process easy for patients by sending them a text or email notification with a link to the sign in page. All they need to do then is log in with their email or cell number, date of birth and set up a password. If they have any problems, Chexout has its own Customer Support Call Center.

Chexout provides artwork for posters and handouts that explains to patients exactly what to know and expect. We provide a seamless program to help make your clinic efficient.

Partner Notification


Partner notification is an essential and effective part of case management. Done correctly it reduces persistent or recurrent infections in the index patient, helps to identify or treat previously undiagnosed infections in partners, and may contribute to reduced transmission in the population.

A feature within Chexout RN and Chexout DCM  called DIS Express, provides DIS and staff the ability to quickly and securely send customized messages to partners identified by index patients.  Chexout recently added a unique feature for a CDC study that sends a code to partners that can be used to provide expedited service to partners who provide the code to the clinic staff. The code also populates in near-real time a cluster diagram for DIS and Epidemiologists.


This unique system allows staff to easily determine which partners presented for testing and lets the clinic easily track success rates for partner notifications. Automated follow up messages can be sent out to partners who may not respond on the first contact. Again, by automating, your staff does not have to remember who didn't respond in order to do a follow up contact.

Case Management

Chexout DIS (Disease Investigation & Surveillance) is a case management, investigation and surveillance software built specifically for DIS. Chexout DIS was designed on guidelines and forms from the CDC and on input directly from DIS. Our software simplifies patient intake and is designed so that you are never more than a click from the top.


DIS interviews and interactions don't alway happen in a clinic setting, so Chexout DIS is designed so that any internet connected device can be used in any location to collect data and there is no need for rekeying the information back at the office. 

Disease Surveillance

Chexout DIS (Disease Investigation & Surveillance) also has automated messaging built in. This powerful case management and disease surveillance software lets case managers stay on top of tasks, patient communications and schedules.

Chexout DIS lets you see at a glance what is going on in your clinic, city, county or state. Epidemiologists are able to see real time data with the touch of a button. Chexout makes analytics easy.

Our analytics dashboard in Chexout RN and Chexout DCM is customizable for your at-a-glance overview. A single click of a button lets you export a CSV file for more in-depth analysis. Whether reporting up to city, county, state or federal levels, Chexout gives you the tools you need for quick and accurate data and analysis.

By using Chexout, you can:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of preventative health measures

  • Monitor changes in infectious agents e.g. trends in development of antimicrobial resistance

  • Support health planning and the allocation of appropriate resources within your healthcare system

  • Identify high risk populations or areas to target interventions

  • Retain a valuable archive of disease activity for future reference


Chexout is data agnostic. We can import data from your Lab, EHR, PIMS or any system you have and export data to any system.  Some software companies like to complain it is difficult and expensive to do, but that is just not the case. Data is data, and exporting a file is not a problem.

If you are not electronically sending orders or getting your lab results, we can help with that as well.