Welcome to the Chexout Patient Page

When you were tested you were informed that by providing your cell phone number or email address, you agreed to be notified by text message or email when your test results were available. To access your results, find your state in the list below and click on your state to reach the login for your patient portal.

Click on your state below to log in.

If you no longer wish to receive text or email messages from your Health Care Provider and wish to Opt Out, click above on the link to your state, territory, county or city and login in to your patient portal. Click on your name in the upper right choose the "Profile" pulldown and choose "CANCEL ACCOUNT" or toggle the "Opt Out of self assessment messages" button.

Once you cancel your account, you will no longer receive

any text or email messages from your Health Care Provider.

Chexout is a service provided by your Healthcare Provider that allows you to access your test results through your personal Patient Portal. You are the only person with access to the portal You can enter your portal by using the cell phone number or email you registered with your healthcare provider, your date of birth and your self-generated password.



• you received a message to contact your clinic or Health Care Provider

• you have any questions regarding your results

• you were tested more than two weeks ago and have not received a notification

• you have any medical questions

You must contact your Health Care Provider.