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Mobile Event Manager (Chexout RN)

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. Chexout is offering a very special low rate

($499*) for Health Departments that would like to try our Mobile Event Manager. Please contact us today for more details. This offer is time limited.

Mobile Testing Events Made Easy

Digitize your intake forms and have patients self-register on tablets

Automate  specimen label printing

Securely message patients when results are available. Patient 

Portal with Partner Notification widget

If your organization stages mobile testing events or tests at Pride festivals, Chexout has the software that makes mobile events easy and efficient.


Whether you manage occasional, regularly occurring or just one-time events, we have an affordable solution. Chexout can digitize patient intake, merge patient and test information, print out specimen labels, provide a patient portal with a partner notification widget, securely text message with patients and put your data at your fingertips.


You get efficient, the experience is easier for your patients and they don’t need to nervously wait around for results. Once the rapid tests results are available, patients are automatically texted that their result are ready to view in their patient portal or to return for their results. When the blood and urine lab results are ready, we manage those notifications too.

Our Mobile Event Manager is a lightweight version of Chexout RN and can be set up for a one day event, or as many as you like. When you are finished with your event, you can immediately view your analytics and export all your data with a single click of a button.


Chexout worked with the Kansas City, MO Health Department at the Kansas City PrideFest 2017. Hundreds of participants were signed up for testing and Chexout RN was used to manage intake and results notification.

Patients were entered into Chexout and immediately received a text letting them know they were registered. Following testing, patients went back to enjoy the festival and were notified by text when their results were available. Patients were instructed to return to the testing site to receive their results and counseling.


Participation for automated messaging was 100%.

KCMOHD and a group of community partners provided the rapid results and post-test counseling and patients learned they would receive a follow up message from Chexout when their blood and urine results were available.

All patients received their results, liked the use of text messaging and were very appreciative that they didn't have to stand around to get their results.

Let Chexout help you with all your mobile needs.

*Call for details - 540-270-9960

Kansas City, MO PrideFest 2017