“We are using Chexout in our clinics across the city and in our school-based testing program. Our phones used to ring from morning to evening from anxious patients and we had many complaints from patients about not being able to reach our staff. Now negatives get their results as soon as they are available and positives contact us in a matter of hours. We’ve shifted our efforts from informing people of their negative test results to having more time tracking down patients who need care.”

Greta Anschuetz, Surveillance and Screening Unit Manager, STD Control/Division of Disease Control

Philadelphia Department of Public Health

​“Chexout has totally changed how we engage patients and how we get them into care. We are averaging 92% success rates in contacting positives and getting them into care quickly. Contact to treatment time is just a few days on average.”
Thomas Lee, Data Manager/Surveillance Coordinator Alabama Department of Public Health
“We used Chexout RN at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Kansas City, MO Pridefest. Every patient we tested was electronically signed up and texted to return when their rapid tests were ready. Staff and patients loved it and we had 100% participation. We purchased Chexout DIS for our surveillance and case management. The software is amazing and set up has been quick and painless.”
Lesha Dennis, Epidemiology Specialist Kansas City Health Department, Kansas City, MO

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