Chexout RN

Message Patients - automated or ad hoc

Monitor types of infections

Monitor patients added by clinic

Monitor infections per type, per location

Every day Chexout RN (Results Notification) is bringing efficiencies to clinics from Hawaii to New England. 

Before customers started using Chexout RN, staff spent hours each day answering calls from anxious patients seeking their test results and making calls attempting to contact positives. Now they report that on average 92% of positives call back, often within minutes of getting notified to contact the clinic. Calls from negatives drop dramatically.

We automate notification of  patients by electronically gathering test results from your labs, EHRs or any other sources and letting patients know when their results are ready. Every patient gets a secure private patient portal, so they can review their results and if they choose, privately share the results with a partner.


Via the patient portal, you can provide patients additional post-test counseling, links to prevention, wellness, treatment or any other kind of information you would like them to access. You can also set up follow up reminder messages.

Chexout RN also has built in a feature, called DIS Express, to discretely send partner notifications or any other kind of ad hoc messaging. You can also easily upload CSV files to DIS Express to contact large groups of people quickly and easily.

Chexout RN also lets you manage incoming call volumes by allowing staff to set the number of positive notifications going out on a given time schedule. For example, if there is only one staff person available to field calls from outgoing positive notifications, staff can easily set notifications to go out as often as they choose. Call it load balancing.

Chexout has so many efficiency features that seeing is believing.

With the single click of a button, you have your data in a format you can immediately use for analysis, surveillance and reporting.

With our SaaS version you have no software or servers to manage. We take care of the IT and security, upgrades are made while you sleep and all upgrades are free - there are never any extra costs or charges. 

You can also choose to host Chexout on your servers and works just like Chexout's SaaS version with minimal internal IT services needed.

Whether you're a City, County, State or Territorial STD Clinic, Chexout can link all your clinics together, making it easy to monitor activity and collect data. For certain types of deployments, Chexout can have your department set up for full use in under 30 days.

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