Chexout Digital Clinic Manager

Chexout is with you from patient check-in through to tech support.

Patient self-registration

at free-standing kiosk. Streamline your intake.

Orders and Results

managed automatically

Patients are notified automatically when their results are ready

Providers collect

all data on tablets.

No double entry.

Print labels for

lab samples

Chexout manages clinic AND patient tech support

Access charts, graphs, reports, data at your fingertips. View one clinic or all, state or county wide. 

Take epidemiology to a new level.

Chexout helps you to streamline your STD Clinic's operations and just like our other software solutions, it’s uniquely affordable.  

For as low as $399 a month per clinic

(based on clinic patient volume), you can have 

big clinic technology in even the smallest clinics

Do you really need an EHR?

Most STD Clinics don’t require an expensive EHR, but they do need to

collect and manage specific data and utilize forms unique to their state

or locality. We can provide you with clinical workflow and e-Charting, administrative and management tools, automated patient communications, custom graphs/analytics and reporting tools.

Automated from intake, to lab, to patient notifications.

Chexout is also an electronic interface with your lab(s), automatically  managing your lab orders and results. Once all test results are ready, we automatically notify patients their results are available. Patients testing negative are directed to their patient portal and positives are notified to contact your clinic. On average, 90% of positives contact the clinic within 48 hours and customers are reporting 3 days testing to treatment (or fewer).

Chexout has all the tools you need to get your clinics more efficient. The software is highly customizable, quick to install and easily adaptable to your environment. If you manage mobile testing events, school based testing or Pride festivals, Chexout can become your mobile clinic too.

Take your epidemiology to a new level.

Chexout is efficient for individual clinic or for state, county and city deployments. Chexout can connect your clinics for greater real-time understanding of what is going on locally or statewide. Our charts, graphs, cluster diagrams and raw data is at your fingertips with the click of a button.

We're your tech department too.

When Chexout hosts the software for you (SaaS) we also manage your tech support and patient tech support through our US-based call center. We provide the kiosks, tablets and printers, so it is a one-stop procurement.

Isn't it time to take a closer look at Chexout?

Please contact us. For as little as 30 minutes of your time, we can demonstrate the future of STD Clinics.

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