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Chexout DIS

Manage your tasks and schedule

Manage partner contacts and notifications

Utilize cluster diagrams, VCA modules and more

Our newest software, Chexout DIS (Disease Investigation & Surveillance), is an innovative next-generation Disease Surveillance and Case Management system designed specifically for the professionals who are working directly with patients. Chexout DIS was built using input and feedback from the Nurses, DIS and clinic staff actually doing the work.


DIS is a powerful, but easy to use software with patient management, contact tracing, cluster diagrams, VCA module and advanced search features that allow you to find patients across your city, county or state.

Chexout DIS can be used anywhere you have an internet connection. Chexout DIS can be utilized in the field so you can record data without first writing it down in notebooks or laptops and then rekeying the information into another software program.

More comfortable using the CDC Field Report? We have it digitized. Have your own forms? We'll digitize those for you. Collect your data in the field on a computer, tablet or cell phone with no need to rekey. 


We built Chexout DIS so your staff can be more effective with less effort.

At State, County and City levels data is available for all authorized providers, epidemiologists and clinic staff (and CBO’s). 


Chexout is designed to collect information such as photographs, social media screen names, bars and hangouts, tattoos and other distinguishing characteristics that are quickly searchable and cross-referenced. 

Partner information is entered into DIS, which is linked to the original patient and if needed can be turned into a separate case with the click of a button.


Chexout DIS can also be quickly configured to add modules for any infectious disease. Mumps, Measles, TB...you name it and we can set you up in a matter of days.

Chexout can be highly customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Because of the way Chexout was built you can be operational in months, not years. 

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