Chexout DIS Express

DIS Express dashboard.

Communicate directly with patients and partners

Chexout DIS Express is our stand-alone messaging platform designed to assist DIS or staff with individual or mass messaging to anyone they need to communicate with, via text or email.

Use a standard message or easily create a custom message to communicate with original patients, partners, patients who have fallen out of care or for any health issues.

DIS Express can be used to send out mass messages by simply importing an Excel file (csv format) and the software will send individual texts to up to 100 individuals at once. Clients using DIS Express regularly turn hours of work into minutes.

Direct individuals to other care givers, provide links to online surveys or send notifications of a mobile testing event. 

Only DIS Express safely logs which staff member sent out communications, the messages sent and tracks when you have made successful contact. Data can be easily exported into Excel format for posterity, reporting or program review.

Using your phone's internal text messaging to contact patients is very high risk. Millions of cell phones get hacked, exposing you to potentially reportable HIPAA violations. Using your cell phone's native texting app creates an unsecured identifiable data set that will be stored unencrypted on your phone or in an unsecured  cloud environment. Using DIS Express, all data is stored in Chexout's secure cloud (AES 256 bit). No data resides on your phone. 

DIS Express, does not require entry of PII and is web-based for use anywhere, in the office or in the field. All data is stored in the Chexout Secure Cloud and data can be easily exported. 

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