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About Chexout

Software Designed Exclusively For STD Clinics and Partners​

Chexout was born from the frustration of having to wait to get paper results from STD tests. As we spoke with STD Program Directors, nurses, DIS and clinic staff, we quickly learned that the problem was much bigger than results notifications.

Getting patients their test results was just a part of the problem; most STD Clinics had either outdated or no technology. STD Clinics needed customized solutions unique to their mission - and they had to be affordable solutions.


A company was born.

Our Software Is Flexible, Because Your Needs Evolve​

Since our first STD Clinic installation in 2013 we've learned a lot. 

The most important lesson was that while most STD Clinic workflow is somewhat similar, there are processes and data gathering that are unique to different States, Counties and Cities. While you will immediately feel comfortable with Chexout software, we know that you will have some additional needs unique to your organization.

Chexout was designed so that getting you started, adding fields, digitizing forms and making other modifications can be quickly accomplished. Changes take weeks, not months or years like other software providers require - and we won't break your budget.

When we make upgrades or add new modules, you don't have to pay for them, it's all included. Ask any of our customers. If they pass along a good idea for improving the software and we build it in, we make it available for everyone. Everyone gets the upgrade, but no one gets a bill. You already paid for the software, why should you have to get more funding or go without a new feature? That's what old-school software companies do.

What's next?

More innovation and cost effective products for you.

We are committed to building the very best software products for STD Clinics. We will continuously innovate and bring cost effective products that can help you get the demonstrable ROI (Return On Investment) that every Health Department needs and should be demanding. 

STD Clinics using Chexout have the data, analytics and efficiencies gained to demonstrate why investing in Chexout saves time, money and improves outcomes. 

As we love to say - Get efficient, fast. Guaranteed.