COVID-19 Contact Tracing Software

Chexout DIS COVID provides all the functionality necessary for efficiently and effectively managing patient communications, contact tracing, cluster diagrams, isolation monitoring, data collection and reporting into State or Federal Electronic Disease Surveillance Systems (NEDSS).


Chexout receives Electronic Lab Reports, automatically notifies individuals when test results are available, notifies staff of individuals testing positive, sets up investigations and gives contact tracers all the tools necessary to initiate and perform investigations and the tracing of possibly infected contacts. Our advanced management functions ensure that no one gets lost in the system.


Working directly within Chexout’s cluster diagrams, Contact Tracers can communicate via phone, texting or emailing and all communications are automatically logged. New investigations can be initiated with a single click of a button. Chexout automates Isolation Monitoring, so staff can get daily reports and focus on those needing immediate attention. Chexout has partnered with RingCentral© to seamlessly integrate their VoIP with our software to support any sized teams of Contact Tracers.


Chexout’s COVID-19 software is the most advanced and easiest to use Contact Tracing, Investigation Management and Isolation Monitoring software available. Chexout DIS COVID can be live in 48 hours.

Chexout - improving the way clinics do business.

COVID-19 Notice for Current Customers

Please be advised that Chexout can be used to deliver COVID-19 test results, post test counseling and educational materials to your patients. COVID-19 has already been added to your Authorized Tests library and is available immediately to add to your Outcome configurations. Please click here or on the COVID19 button above for instructions on how to set up COVID-19 Outcomes and messaging.

As a reminder, Chexout has additional features for mass messaging, contact tracing, data analytics and other Public Health support tools. Please contact us if other divisions in your DOH would like to use Chexout messaging and patient management solutions during this national emergency. We can very quickly add new users and programs to your existing account.

Chexout’s Clinic Management Software is helping STD Clinics maintain quality healthcare services while supporting their organizations’ goals of improving patient outcomes, streamlining clinical workflows and enhancing the patient and clinician experience. And we help get patients into care, fast. In a recent CDC study of Chexout software, the Durham, NC, STD clinic reduced its patient testing to treatment time down to 2.6 days

Our software is uniquely flexible and while we do offer a broad and powerful software suite to help any size clinic, you choose only the features you need. Chexout software can provide your clinic with patient self-registration kiosks, triage alerts, e-charting, electronic lab ordering and results, patient notification and portal, case management, contact tracing, cluster diagrams and many other features. We can be your one-stop shop including clinic and patient tech support, or we can provide only the services you need.

Chexout works as a standalone product or seamlessly integrates to work together with your current EHR, EDSS and Lab(s) and is NEDSS compatible. Chexout is cloud-based, but can also be run on your servers behind your firewall. Every state has their own unique rules for dealing with PII and Chexout is designed to accommodate your specific needs.

Chexout software products are easy to use, amazingly affordable (Chexout DCM (Digital Clinic Manager) starting as low as $399 a month per clinic*), set up quickly and provides you with options so unique to STD and Infectious Disease Clinics that they are not available anywhere else. Learn More

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About Chexout

Chexout has been working with Public Health Infectious Disease Clinics since 2014 and we work with states, cities, counties and territories from Hawaii to the US Virgin Islands. Chexout’s software is mobile optimized, deployable in days and has all the tools needed to power clinic operations from end to end, including, mobile field testing, contact tracing with cluster diagramming, automated dynamic patient notifications via text/email, electronic lab ordering/receiving, educational material delivery via patient portal, reporting to other data systems in any language (HL7, xml, CSV, Flat file, etc.) and a live US-based customer and patient tech support call center.

For any Public Health Departments responding to the COVID-19 emergency, we have the ability to onboard hundreds of individual testing sites per day. For

state-wide deployments, we can have you running in a matter of a few days and fully connected so your data flows to state-level personnel and any other data systems for surveillance activities. When deployed at a state level, we can set up each county as its own instance, but counties can be monitored at the state level or in statewide metrics, in real time, facilitating a more direct and timely flow of data through your state’s EDSS.

If you are planning on large volume testing, we can manage notifying patients to view their test results in their patient portal and customize information depending on test results and how you want to respond to your positive patients. You avoid jammed phone lines and let staff focus on patients, not process.

Chexout has the perfect solutions customized to meet your needs

Our Covid instance brings the best of Chexout investigations & case management, contact tracing, cluster diagramming, automated lab ordering and results notifications, patient portal and much more. 


RN (Results Notification) is our original clinic management tool that automates patient notifications when results are available and provides patient post test counseling, real time data and analytics and more.


Digital Clinic Manager has workflow management, patient self registration and reporting via kiosks, eCharting, patient engagement tools, scheduling, specimen label printing, embedded phone, texting and emailing....  LEARN MORE

Our Disease Intervention Suite is a powerful investigations management tool built specifically for DIS and clinic management. Usable in the field, no double entry, auto logging of communications.


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