Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Software for Public Health and its Partners

Chexout is the most advanced software designed for infectious disease prevention, control and management. Chexout works as a standalone

product or works with your current EHR, EDSS and Lab(s). 

Chexout DIS COVID is the most advanced Contact Tracing, 

Investigation and Workforce Management software available.

Manage your clinics

• Patient self intake/assessment

• Online appointment scheduling

• eCharting

• Workflow management

• Lab ordering and results

Manage your patients

• Manage patients across clinics

• Automated text/email messaging

• Automated results notifications

• Patient Portal

• Customized post-test counseling







Manage your outcomes

• Investigation management

• Cluster diagrams

• Outbreak management

• Customizable for all types of infections

• Patient followup reminders



& Telehealth

Manage your data

• Customizable reports

• Aggregates all designated data

• Performance metrics

• Surveillance for STD/HIV/TB/COVID/Hepatitis,etc.

• Most advanced EDSS available

• Manage data flows to and from Community Partners

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