Our three software solutions - Chexout RN, Chexout MPH and Chexout DIS can act as standalone products or integrated to work together. You choose only what you need. Chexout can also work with your EHR, EDSS, internal data programs and labs - we are data agnostic. Any upgrades or improvements to the software are done automatically. No server/computer upgrades, no new coding, no internal IT support and no extra charges. 

Chexout's software solutions were developed with direct input and feedback from the people who actually do the work in the clinics and out in the field. You'll recognize the solutions because they solve the problems you deal with every day and when we make upgrades at the request of our users, they are available to everyone.

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Chexout DIS (Disease Intervention Suite) is a web-based contact, case management, contact tracing, surveillance and reporting system specifically designed to empower Disease Intervention Specialists with the technology they need, while providing real-time data flow and analytics.

"Since we started using Chexout RN, over 90% of Positives call the clinic, most within minutes or hours of notification. It saves us time, gets patients into treatment faster and​ is helping to reduce morbidity. 

If you are trying to do more for less, Chexout is an easy and affordable solution."

Chexout MPH (Messaging for Public Health) is a patient contact, engagement, care and coordination service designed to keep patients informed and engaged. Works for STD/HIV clinics, WIC, PrEP, TB, Wellness and for any programs actively managing patient care.

Chexout RN (Results Notification) reduces time spent contacting and notifying patients, dramatically reduces inbound and outbound calls, provides discreet text and email patient notification when results are available and facilitates contact with patients and partners testing positive.