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Chexout is changing the way STD Clinics are doing business.

Chexout’s STD Clinic Management Software helps STD Clinics streamline operations, maximize resources and get patients into care, fast. In an ongoing CDC study of Chexout software, the Durham, NC,  STD clinic reduced its patient testing to treatment time down to 2.6 days

Our software is uniquely flexible and while we do offer a broad and powerful software suite to help any sized clinic, you choose only the features you need. Chexout software can provide your clinic with patient self-registration kiosks, triage alerts, e-charting, electronic lab ordering and results, patient notification and portal, case management and many other features. We can be your one-stop shop including clinic and patient tech support, or we can provide only the services you need.

Chexout works as a standalone product or seamlessly integrates to work together with your current EHR, EDSS and Lab(s) and is NEDSS compatible. Chexout is cloud-based, but can also run on your servers behind your firewall. Every state has their own unique rules for dealing with PII and Chexout is designed to accommodate your specific needs.

Chexout software products are easy to use, amazingly affordable (priced as low as $299 a month per clinic*), set up quickly and provides you with options so unique to STD Clinics that they are not available anywhere else. Learn More

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Chexout is mobile optimized. Whether using tablets in the clinic, at mobile testing events, for school-based testing or anywhere in the field, you have the same secure access and features wherever you work.

Chexout lets you choose where and how you use our software and how you manage your data. No other software company gives you the choice of Software as a Service (SaaS) or locally hosted on your own servers. 

Cloud or Local - You Choose

Managing PII data is a serious responsibility and not every health clinic has the resources to manage security and data encryption. When you get Chexout as a SaaS product, you get us as your security team. 



1. Software designed just for STD Clinics

2. Choose only what you need

3. As a SaaS or Hosted on your servers

4. Uniquely affordable

Seeing is believing

Click below for a private and personalized webinar. Just a half hour of your time could help you see STD Clinic management in a very new way.

Providing you with the right IT solutions.

Chexout is the only software designed exclusively for STD Clinics. You choose what features of Chexout to use - the entire suite or just what you need.

With our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, we manage all security and encryption for you.


If you prefer to have Chexout run on your own servers, you get the same software, with all the regular upgrades and improved features. 

No other software helps you manage your clinic and data the way you choose.